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Does the government rule the people or do the people rule the government? How do the people make the change?  They vote!!!!!!!

Listen to the way that "Red Skelton" describes the "Pledge of Allegiance". 

Do you know who broke the final vote on July 1, 1776 and how a very sick man made it to make that vote?

What does it mean to "Rally Around The Flag"?  What honor does it give us?

"What Rights Do We Have"

Why did our Founding Fathers give us these rights?  Did they ever think our nation would be where we are today?  

We all wonder what our legacy will be in our family and in our history.  But do we have any control what our legacy will be?  Take this test to answer your own question - what will...

"The Baltimore Plot"

As we all know, Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, was assassinated.  It is perhaps the most famous event in all our U.S. history.   But did you know that prior to that assassina...

We have come to believe that anything bad or unfavorable is not good, has no value, avoid at all cost. But is that true?, or is there something to be learned in the hard times that...

Do you know your rights?

When the authors of our US Constitution had finished their work, they refused to sign it into law until something else was added - our "Bill of Rights".  And when they wrote these ...

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