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How you can overcome the 10 most powerful obstacles in your life.

"Constitution Day"

Here's a story that you never heard in the classroom of the public school. 

"9/11 - I Was There"

It was about 1 year after the horrific 9/11 attacks in 2001 that I was presented an audio file to listen to.  I remember that as I listened, I cried, a lot, because the voice, the ...

"I Love America"

Does it seem to you like there are so many people today in our nation talking our great America?  It seems that way to me, so for the next 40 minutes, listen to these powerful stor...

Some of you believe that the job you're doing is not important to our nation.  Listen to this true story and then tell me - "Is your job important?"

It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years now since 911.  We were so united after - no D's, no R's, just Americans; no disunity, just millions of us proudly waving our flags and...

"My Craziest Job Ever"

What's the craziest job you have ever had? Take a listen to my story and tell me what you think.

There is nothing more disgusting to me than anyone who is given so much but, in return, does nothing to appreciate and respect the giver. This Johnny Cash video is a perfect pictur...

"One of the Lucky Ones"

So many people today want to paint our history as dark and bad, for those of us who were there, the truth is this: there was a light then that we so desperately need today.  Listen...

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